Have you been wondering how to actually dance to those lovely Spanish summer hits? Or simply want to learn how to dance with a partner? Then you should definitely check out our Salsa classes. We offer these classes on three different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. We have an amazing teacher – Ruby Pure Latin – from Curaçao who teaches with a lot of fun, charm and experience.

In the beginners course we usually stick to Salsa, with some integrated steps from the Mambo and Rumba to teach you the basics. Of course in our intermediate class Salsa is still our main dance style, but we will also teach you Bachata. Finally, in our advanced dancing classes Salsa & Bachata will be the main dance styles, with sometimes some Kizomba.

Each course lasts 12 weeks, after – and during – which we will give extra open workshops the rest of the semester and focus on one specific or a completely new dance style. Thus, even if the semester has started more than three weeks ago and you unfortunately didn’t sign up in time, you can still dance that semester with us by joining our workshops.


The classes take place at Reality Danceschool, note that there are two locations, our salsa classes take place at the Sint Nicolaasstraat 38B.

Dates and Times

Classes for the first semester of 2018-2019 have finished, the new semester will start on the 20th of February. During the first two classes, which are open to try-out, you will have the ability to sign up! The salsa classes are always on Wednesdays. There aren’t any classes during exam weeks. During the 12th and final class, you are able to get your diploma.


Beginners:       19:30-20:30
Intermediate:  20:30-21:30
Advanced:        21:30-22:30