M.S.D.V. Let's Dance!

Weekly Events

Every week you can find us practising our skills at Bernaards on Wednesdays (22:00-00:30) after class or at Stay Okay on Friday nights (22:00-1:30). These both offer a full night of Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba music. Finally, at times Bernaards also organizes open dancing nights for Latin & Ballroom enthusiasts, to find out when these nights are we advise you to follow our or their Facebook page. See you there!

Upcoming Events 

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  • Cocktail Party

Past Events 2019

  • Happy NY Let’s Dance!  pre-drinks              (18th of January )
  • Let’s Dance! goes Lasertag                             (23rd of January)
  • Lifts, Dips & Tricks workshop                         (6th of February)
  • Let’s Dance!’s cycling dinner!                        (13th of February)
  • Introduction classes new semester             (20th, 21st, 27th & 28th of February)
  • Let’s Dance! goes to Barcelona                      (7th of March – 10th of March)
  • Welcome picnic in the park!                           (21st of March Soon)
  • AmsterDance KnuffelCup 2019                      (23rd of March)
  • Let’s Dance! goes to Piña  (again)                 (6th of April)
  • Sensual Tuesday in Aachen excursion        (9th of April)
  • Stay Okay pre-drinks @The Lab                    (12th of April)
  • Zouk workshop by Cindy Hoeben                (6th of May)
  • Sensual Tuesday in Aachen excursion       (14th of May)
  • The great Let’s Dance! gala                             (16th of May)
  • Potential new board dinner                            (27th of May)
  • Let’s Dance! goes Bouldering                         (28th of May)
  • Sensual Tuesday in Aachen excursion       (11th of June)

You can read more about these amazing events in our next NewSwing issue!

Past Events Fall Semester 2018

Let’s Dance! & Mingle

The very first event enjoyed was already on the 14th of September, during our introduction classes. We loved getting to know our new members better with a beer on the terrace of Stay Okay, where many members of the association spend their usual Friday nights to dance. Everyone got to practice their dance skills and more importantly, we had lots of fun!

Kizomba workshop

Shortly after our introduction classes, on the 24th of September, we wanted to introduce our new members and other students to one of our most sensual dance styles; Kizomba. We organized the workshop at D’n Hiemel and the atmosphere was great. The male-female ratio was very good and we hope this will become the standard next semesterJ! We enjoyed your enthusiasm and hope you mastered the dance moves.

Irish dance workshop

On the 8th of October we got a great opportunity to try out something completely different, to discover hidden talents or to assure oneself, to better stick to Salsa or Latin & Ballroom. We learned about the historical- cultural background of Irish dancing and the specificities of the dance shoes, before our teacher showed the quick steps, a constant lovely smile on her face. When she moved swiftly and “easy” over the dancefloor, we just watched in amazement and, yes, also some desperation, trying to keep up with her. Some might have experienced the workshop to be more challenging. However, the group dance was a huge success and who would have thought that Irish music gives you so much positive energy too? To put it in a nutshell: Messing up some steps, but being incredibly happy while doing so! 


On the 29th of October we celebrated becoming a board with our official constitution drink. We want to thank all of you for coming and enjoyed seeing you all dance. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better! A special thanks to the ones making sure we got home safe, as the other sports associations pulled us through quite a drinking adventure. What happened at the COBO stays at the COBO? 

Let’s Dance! goes Trampoline Jumping