Hopefully, you are all enjoying your time with Let’s Dance! or looking forward to joining us. As you might have heard or seen before we have a couple of committees in our association. In these committees, you get to contribute in shaping the community of your association. Furthermore, joining a committee is a sensible step to take if you would consider doing a board year in the future.

You can help us out by organizing activities & trips, the INKOM or promotion. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, send the concerning head of the committee an email via the mentioned email address. When doing so, please introduce yourself (i.e. what you study, (if you have any) previous experiences and what you would be interested in doing). We would be very grateful to have you on our team!

Audit Committee

Are you wondering what happens to membership fees within the association? Do you have experience with accounting? Then this committee might suit you very well. The audit committee checks the association books for correctness. If you are interested in taking on this responsibility, please send an email to


Activity Committee

The activity committee organizes all workshops, parties, trips and excursions (to other cities or countries) for M.S.D.V. Let’s Dance! If you are looking to further develop your organization, planning or writing skills, this is the committee for you!
This committee provides a great opportunity to become closer to your dancing association and its members. You can check out our NewSwing for past and future events planned by the activities committee or the events section on our website.

If you are interested in joining this committee or want more information, please email :)! 

INKOM Committee

Hi there! 2018 has come to an end and that means that the summer break is back in sight 😜. Summer means INKOM and new potential members for our association💃! To welcome the new students, there is the INKOM week in August organized by the WGI. During this week we have a few moments to introduce our association. Of course we would love to see a lot of new dancers next year.  So, we need your help to organize activities during this amazing week! It will include going to some meetings, organizing an activity for the sports event, open classes or workshops and maybe even a dinner or party!

If you are interested in sharing this fantastic dancing community with new students, please let us know!  🎶 You can contact the Vice-president, who is in charge of this committee via


Promotion (PR) Committee

The PR committee is a very diverse committee with quite different functions. In today’s world promotion is often done over social media, which require various specialties to be a success. First of all, we always need a member who loves taking pictures (and/or designing) and preferably has some equipment to do so. Further, we could use some committee members who enjoy creative writing (especially for our association paper the NewSwing), so we can keep our (future) members up to date in a fun way. Finally, we are looking for someone who would be interested in finding sponsors for the association, so we can keep on growing. If you would be interested in any of these positions, want some more information, or have another idea how you could help the PR committee, send the Head of Promotion an email at