How to join Let’s Dance!

Membership is only possible for people related to the academical community focused on students of Maastricht University and Hogeschool Zuyd. If you come from another university, or have been part of a university in the past there might still be a way to join. Please contact the board through board(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) for further help and questions.

If you meet these criteria, you have to complete the following steps to become a member of Let’s Dance!:

1. Membership Let’s Dance!

You become a member of our association by filling in a Membership form at the beginning of the courses (September or February). You can do this during the introductory lessons or by sending an e-mail during this time to secretaris(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign), who will then send you the link to the subscription form. Rules about being a Let’s Dance member can be found below.

Cost of membership

Cost of membership is €20,- for one course (our courses are 12 weeks) and €35,- for a whole academic year so 2 courses. The costs of the membership will cover all of our social events, workshops and all the courses and levels you choose to dance for the whole half- or full year. So, dance as many courses as you would like!


2. Membership ‘Sports’ at UM SPORTS

If you want to join a course at Let’s Dance!, you also need a Membership ‘Sports’ from UM SPORTS. This is mandatory for all our members. You can obtain this at their sports centre or through their webshop. It is valid for one academic year.

The ‘Sign Up’ type membership is automatically included, which allows you to sign up for UM SPORTS courses. With this card, you can also participate in UM SPORTS walk-in activities and become a member of any other Student Sports Association in Maastricht, as well as being eligible for tournament subsidies for participating in a number of sports tournaments. (In addition to you UM SPORTS membership you will also need a Let’s Dance! membership, see step 1)

Cost of membership

The UM SPORTS “Sports” membership costs €86,50 for a full year and €56,50 if you only sign up for the second semester. Exact prices can be found at the link above.


3. Payment

Payment of membership and course fees is done to Let’s Dance!, either in cash or by authorized bank withdrawal (in which case you need to download the ‘Authorization’ form below). You can contact the treasurer about further information at penningmeester(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)


IBAN: NL90 RABO 0158 4066 13

Please always indicate your name, student ID and the duration of your membership (half-year/full year) as a payment reference.