FAQ about the Let’s Dance! organisation

What are my rights and obligations?

Your rights and obligations come from a number of sources. Let’s Dance! tries to ensure its members can call on their legal rights and fulfill their obligations.

Besides this Let’s Dance! has defined specific rights and obligations for its members in its Regulations and Rules of Procedure.

What does Let’s Dance! need my phone number for?

Let’s Dance! only uses your phone number in those cases where communication through the website, e-mail and other channels such as Facebook does not suffice. Examples are notifying you of a cancelled lesson, or checking non-response to an important mail.

What does Let’s Dance! need my e-mail address for?

Let’s Dance! uses your mail address for general information and announcements, as well as to be able to contact you for organizational matters.

What is the bank account of Let’s Dance!?

The account number is given below. It is preferred to only transfer money after consulting with the treasurer (penningmeester(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)msdvletsdance.nl).

Make sure that the comment notes clearly from whom the transfer is and for what purpose it is made.

Shortform: 158406613

IBAN: NL90RABO0158406613
Name of Bank: Rabobank

To: Let’s Dance

How do I pay Let’s Dance!?

You can pay in cash at the treasurer during lessons, authorize Let’s Dance! to withdraw money from your bank account or transfer money to our bank account directly. Contact the treasurer (penningmeester(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)msdvletsdance.nl) for more detailed information.

Where can I order association clothing?

You can order association clothing at the Technical committee (technical(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)msdvletsdance.nl).

How do I terminate my Let’s Dance! membership?

Membership terminates automatically at the end of the academic year for those who subscribed after the 1st of February, 2015. If you became a member before that, the procedure for termination of membership is available on the page ‘Termination of membership’ in the menu ‘Membership’, and happens by way of a form.