FAQ about Courses

Does Let’s Dance! have modern dance, ballet, hip-hop or other courses?

No we do not offer these courses. All the courses which are on offer through Let’s Dance! are mentioned  under the ‘Dancing’ menu.

However, some dance disciplines are available through the UM SPORT webshop (under MyUM quick links), and might be given by independent teachers or at Kumulus.

Do I need a dancing partner to sign up?

No, a dance partner is not required to sign up as a member or for a course.

The board does keep overview of the ratio men : women and the total amount of people that will fit onto the dance floor. If these result in a limitation of sign up possibilities then the board will inform you when you want to subscribe. The usually applied method is first-come first-served.

What other advantages are there to having a sportscard?

A sports card solely for the membership is of course not cheap. However, there are advantages which you might not yet be familiar with.

  • Logically you can participate in all walk-in activities of UM SPORT.
  • With the sportscard you have the right to a number of tournamentsubsidies per year. Usually this is € 7,50 for tournaments in the Netherlands and € 15,- for tournaments abroad. There are some other requirements, which the teamcaptain can tell you about.
  • One sportscard allows membership to multiple students sports associations.

Not to be underestimated is that linked to the sportcard a subsidy is given by UM SPORT to cover the costs of teachers and locations. An outline taking 130 members as example: the course fees only cover one third of the total costs. Even when the fees of all sportscards of our members are only used for Let’s Dance! courses then the loss still amounts to one fifth of the total cost.

Do I need a sports card?

A sports card is mandatory for all members who follow a course at Let’s Dance! where the teachers and locations are mostly subsidized by UM SPORT. When the sports card is mandatory this will be mentioned on the page of the course. When it concerns a non-regular course, for example a summer course, or a workshop it will be mentioned with the opportunity to sign up or during promotion.

Membership, participation in our activities, competitions or social dance evenings does not require a sports card.

Do I require a membership to dance at Let’s Dance!?

Membership is mandatory for everyone who wants to take part in courses or activities of Let’s Dance!, unless otherwise noted. For courses and some activities extra payment is necessary.

Membership, and the accompanying membership fees, are used to let Let’s Dance! function as an association.
As organisation Let’s Dance! has overhead in organizing matters, and for subsidy is dependent on the amount of registered members with a sports card. Membership and membership fees also allow the association to notify everybody.

What is the fine for not having a valid sportscard?

In the case that a course-following member does not have a valid sports card the resulting fine UM SPORTS imposes on Let’s Dance! needs to be paid by that member. Its amount has been determined to be double the cost of a full-year sports card.

How much does a course cost?

Besides the requirement of the membership and the sports card per course registration a course fee needs to be paid. The amount may differ per course, but is always noted on the course page.

In the case of workshops or one-time courses the fee is noted during promotion or registration.

I have danced before. Can I start dancing at a higher level at Let’s Dance!?

Yes, this is possible.
However, the dancing ability is linked to the kind and amount of dancing experience as well as how long ago it took place for the last time. Due to this reason you always need to contact the board when you want to skip levels. They will decide at what level you can join the courses.

Do I need special shoes or clothing to dance?

For salsa and oriental you are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes and heels need to have heel protectors due to damage it may cause to the floor.

It is true that for a number of dances, and when the level rises, certain clothing or dancing shoes can ease the way in which you learn and dance. Think of loose clothing for Streetdance, or dancing shoes in Latin/Ballroom. No requirements will be set for shoes or clothing, unless safety requires it or damage may be caused to a floor by certain shoes.

Where do the courses of Let’s Dance! take place?

Let’s Dance! for the time being has no location of its own. Instead it rents certain venues.

On the course pages of each dance you can find where we usually dance. It may happen that a lesson is not in its usual location. Check the agenda in that case. There you will always find exactly where Let’s Dance! has its courses, but also dance evenings and activities. In the long term such a temporary move is usually announced in the course schedule, the lesson beforehand and on the main page of the website.
It may happen that a lesson is moved to another location or cancelled before you can be told on a lesson. In such a case Let’s Dance! will mail or call you, depending on the time left before the lesson.

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