Post – “info drink for new committee & board members” – drink

March 20, 2014 @ 8:30 pm
Kaffee Naovenant
Helmstraat 16-B
6211 TA Maastricht
The Netherlands

For all the people that do like to have a fun evening with other Let’s dance members, but are not really interested in being a member of the board or Accie next year, we are planning on having a post– “info drink for new committee & board members” –drink, this Thursday. We will start at the Naovenant and there we’ll together decide whether to stay or go somewhere else.

So we hope to see you all this Thursday from 21.30h onwards at the Naovenant. (Helmstraat 16-B, 6211 TA Maastricht)

Accie Let’s Dance: Isanne, Naomi & Lisa