We officially have a new board!


It is a new school year again and that also means that we get a new board!

We are very happy with our new board and excited to see what they will reach with Let’s Dance this year. We would like to introduce to you the board of Let’s Dance of 2017-2018:

President: Syari Sinlae
Vice President: Jarell López
Secretary: Gigi Flamand
Treasurer: Jaïr van Nes
Head of Activities: Marie Schöneich

If you want to know a bit more about our board, like what they do for Let’s Dance and who they are check out out About Us section of the website. And always feel free to talk to them during our activities, you can ask them questions or just get to know them better, they will be happy to meet you!


New Board

During the Annual GMM the following board has been elected for the academic year of 2014-2015:

  • Amy Abelmann as President
  • Marloes Hoogstad as Secretary
  • Pauline van Wolferen as Treasurer
  • Isabeau Kuniewski as Head of the Activities Committee
  • Ester Vespasiani as General Boardmember

Notice about the constitution drink will be sent at a later time to all invited parties. All function-based e-mail addresses now forward to them.

For outstanding business with previous board-members the following e-mail addresses are available:

The following people have been elected for the Audit-committee of 2014-2015:

  • Niels Post, as head of the committee.
  • Bas Penders, as member of the committee.

14-15 update


Just a quick heads-up to current and upcoming members. Membership fees have been lowered to €15,- per ½ (academic) year.

Course calendar is available for both Latin/Ballroom and Salsa. Oriental is still on! We’re just waiting for location confirmation to publish the schedule.

post– “info drink for new committee & board members” –drink

For all the people that do like to have a fun evening with other Let’s dance members, but are not really interested in being a member of the board or Accie next year, we are planning on having a post– “info drink for new committee & board members” –drink, this Thursday. We will start at the Naovenant and there we’ll together decide whether to stay or go somewhere else.

So we hope to see you all this Thursday from 21.30h onwards at the Naovenant. (Helmstraat 16-B, 6211 TA Maastricht)

Accie Let’s Dance: Isanne, Naomi & Lisa